Quick Ways to Identify The Perfect Freight Forwarder For You.

There are 195 countries in the world. That’s not all; the majority of these nations have different governmental structures, values and cultural histories. This means that 194 countries are foreign to you. This might not be news to you but it’s shocking statistics for most people.

The word “foreign” is a term that scholars use to describe something that is from, in or holds an attribute of a country that is not yours. Something that is foreign to you is also strange, unknown and unfamiliar.

Most people are excited when they research a country that they want to visit, but when it comes to the transportation of your cargo, unfamiliarity is the last thing you need.

For this reason, shippers sometimes find it overwhelmingly difficult to handle their freight’s international transportation.  Without the understanding of what they need, and also without the right providers, many companies have seen their millions of dollars go down the drain in Court.

With kadan kadan, this doesn’t have to be you. We specialise in relieving these burdens.  We have been helping individuals and organisations move their cargo for decades and we are available to make shipping goods easy for you.

Since you are ready to make this ride with us, let’s show you what you will take home from reading this article:

  • The advantages of working with a freight forwarder.
  • The disadvantages of working with a freight forwarder.
  • What you should look out for when choosing a good freight forwarder.

Advantages of using a freight forwarder.

As third-party transportation providers looking to help customers succeed, freight forwarders need to be at the top of their game. With so many variables in play that change with every shipment, things can quickly go wrong if they are not properly managed.

The best forwarders always do everything they can to make each shipment a success. Wondering what the advantages of working with a freight forwarder are?

Let’s look at these three.

  1. They offer the convenience of one point of contact.

Imagine that you are left on your own to route your next international shipment. I bet you that the first thing you’d do is coordinate with these stakeholders.

  1. A transportation provider.
  2. Individuals at your freight port of export to arrange cargo handling and payment information.
  3. An ocean or air carrier in your freight origin bound for your destination country.
  4. All-way housing associates at layover points.
  5. individuals at your freights port of destination to make arrangements for cargo handling and payment methods.
  6. A transportation provider in your country of destination.
  7. Your load’s consignee to coordinate drop-off times in accordance with their schedules.

This is in no way a comprehensive list, yours will vary depending on your country and where you are exporting to.  Instead of spending your time chasing down updates, making arrangements for your freight and communicating with so many stakeholders to the point that you are stressed out, with the right freight forwarder, you only communicate with them.

The best freight forwarders make it easy for their customers to reach them with any questions or concerns. They become like a conduit of communication for their customers, decreasing the lines of communication they need to maintain on a daily basis to one.

2. They are International Transport Experts.

It is also important that you know that moving freight from one place to another or from town-to-town can be a challenging process. International shipping is even more challenging. From filling out this document to submitting that certification; if you haven’t done this before, you may give up too soon.

The right freight forwarder is charged with helping you move your goods from one place to another with zero stress. Irrespective of what you want to move and the size, experienced freight forwarders will have the expertise required to move it.

3. They Manage the Full Scope of Each International Shipment.

Another beautiful reason why you should work with a freight forwarder like kadan kadan when you want to move your goods from Nigeria to anywhere in the world is the oversight we administer. By working with us, the entire scope of your shipment is under our watch.

From the moment it leaves your door until it reaches your consignee, we will be there every step of the way to make sure that it gets to your desired destination in perfect condition.

Without a freight forwarder, you cannot deal with the stress of creating a comprehensive plan for your own journey.

Disadvantages of Using the Wrong Freight Forwarder.

In some cases, the disadvantages we’re about to outline can be deal breakers so it is essential to know what you are subscribing to when you hire the services of a freight forwarder to help you move your goods from one place to another.

The top two disadvantages of using the wrong freight forwarder are outlined below:

1   Too much reliance on forwarders’ assistance.

Because freight forwarders make it easier for people to move their goods from one place to another, it has infused a certain level of nonchalance amongst shippers. Although this relationship can be mutually beneficial for both sides, most shippers tend to ignore their part of the process thereby using their freight forwarder as a crutch.

Because of the availability of freight forwarders, most individuals and organizations have refused to develop the necessary competencies needed to move cargo on their own, thereby being unable to find a solution on their own if anything goes wrong.

2. Price gouging is another concern.

It’s important that you know that not all freight brokers are consistently high quality. Some are grossly unethical and sometimes lark at the worst companies. No matter their products, services and offerings.

Those without a long history of serving customers and a strong set of core values are simply looking to turn a profit. Due to the complexity of their work, some might see it as an opportunity to exploit their customers.

That is why shippers who use kadan kadan are excited about our service and our pricing. They trust our processes and our ability to deliver on our promises with ease.

What to Look Out for In A Good Freight Forwarder.

We have walked you through a lot already. You now know who a freight forwarder is, what they do and the disadvantages of choosing the wrong one. Now, we’ll show you what to look out for when choosing a freight forwarder for your shipment.

At kadan kadan, we understand what you stand to lose if you don’t choose the right forwarders that can help you get to your customers as agreed. We also understand that without proper guidance, you are more probable to make mistakes that would cost you dearly.

In line with the above, the following areas are what you should consider when looking out for your best-fit freight forwarder:

Forwarder’s Experience

Experience plays a huge role in the effectiveness of a freight forwarder. No two shipments are the same therefore making it big in the industry is not necessarily easy. With the right experience, a forwarder is more capable of giving you the required guidance and service.

In gauging a prospective forwarder’s experience, here are a few things to ask about:

  • What kind of commodities do they transport most often?
  • Do they have a wide response of carriers globally?
  •  What are they aren’t good at moving?
  •  Which part of the world have they not moved goods to?

Getting answers to a few questions like these and looking out for testimonials are perfect ways to review a forwarder’s experiences.

Technological Exposure and Usage

It’s a digital age and you don’t want to sign up with a company that is not technologically inclined.  Ensure that your would-be freight forwarder has the necessary technological exposure to fit into today’s digital economy.

Here are a few questions you can ask to get this information:

  • How updated is your technology?
  • What’s your database like?
  • What are your electronic database capabilities like?
  • Which of those technologies will benefit my business?

Industry Affiliations

It’s important that you know that the business of freight forwarding is not a lonely road. There are other agencies, clubs, partners and organizations that exist locally or internationally to either deepen your forwarder’s understanding or make it easier for them to transport their cargo.

A few of those clubs are:

  • Global Freight Alliance(OFA)
  •  WCAworld
  • Global Logistics Network
  • The World Freight Alliance (WCA)
  • Octopus Freight Network (OFN)

Don’t judge them based on the number of organizations that they are part of, but they should at least belong to one.

Financial Capacity

Your forwarder’s financial capacity is very important because if they cannot handle the financial part of your business needs, it might be difficult to satisfy you by meeting all the agreed terms.

International transportation is expensive, which is why you need a financially stable freight forwarder to navigate all these realities. Financially stable forwarders help customers to fund certain aspects of their business like interims of transportation concepts.

The above is important because in case there is a delay from the customer’s side in terms of completing payment during transit, the company can step in and take charge of things.

At kadan kadan, we’d love to help you with your export needs and guide you through the process of penetrating new markets profitably. Give us a call at +234(0)9023138228, or send us a chat via WhatsApp at +234(0)9198050059

You can also visit www.kadankadan.com for more details.

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