How to Know That Your Product is Export Ready.

Selecting and preparing your product for export requires knowledge of the unique characteristics of each target market. It’s important that you know that the extent to which you or your company can modify products that will be sold in a foreign market is a key issue to be addressed.

Whether you are of the opinion that your product can be exported without a change or there is a need for modification, it’s important that you make your research in other to be sure that you are applying the right strategy.

To help you solve this problem, we at kadan kadan have outlined these strategies that you can implement:

Your Product’s Adaptability

Your company may have to modify its products to conform to government regulations, geographic and climatic conditions, buyer preferences and/or standards of living if they must enter new markets. You may also need to modify your products to facilitate shipment or compensate for possible differences in areas like engineering and design standards.

You must also know that foreign government product regulations are common in international trade and are expected to expand in the future.

Buyer preferences in a foreign market, such as religious practices or the use of leisure time, may also prompt you to modify your product. It’s important that you also know that market potential must be that great in other to justify the direct and indirect costs involved in product adaptation.

Reengineering and Redesigning Your Product

Another thing you and your company need to be aware of is that even fundamental aspects of your product may require changing. Areas like electric standards differ. It’s not the same for different countries. Knowing the requirements, the manufacturers can determine how they will redesign and reengineer your product to fit into the country’s requirements.

It is important that you and your company build your product in line with the laws, regulations and specifications of the country that will be patronizing you. Even instructions in user manuals should provide enough information required for your prospects to make informed decisions.

The Branding, Labelling and Packaging of your product

Beyond the product itself, your foreign prospects will be concerned about certain factors like packaging, warranties and labelling. There will also be certain considerations such as

  • Are international brand names relevant in the promotion and distinction of products?
  • Are the colours used on labels and packages offensive or attractive to foreign buyers?
  • Can the labels and instructions be produced in official or customary language if required by law or practice?
  • Does the information on product content and country of origin have to be provided?
  • Are weights and measures stated?
  • Must each item be labelled individually and in what language?
  • Was local taste and knowledge considered?

Shipping your Products

This is where you consider utilizing the services of reputable freight forwarders like kadan kadan who ensure that you comply with export and foreign import documentation, shipping methods and payment collection standards.

While many documents are standard, requirements will vary depending on the transaction export and import requirements for the product, the port of entry, shipping methods and the final destination.

Some of the things we, at kadan kadan, will do for you in this regard are;

  • Preparation of price quotations such as freight cost, port charges, cellular fees, additional documentary requirements, and insurance costs.
  • We will also handle the arrangement with custom brokers to ensure that the goods comply with customer import documentation regulations.
  • We will also help you out with optimal packing methods during transit as well as repackaging into containers and storage at the port of entry and arranging reservation of shipments.
  • Review of final shipping and recording of documentary procedures also expedites the smooth facilitation of payment with the buyers or buyer’s banks.
  • Make suggestions on optimal cargo insurance to hold onto your shipment and advice you on brokers/dealers that can vital insurance on nonpayment and political risk.

Installing the Product

Another key area you or your company should consider is the installation of the product when it is purchased overseas. Your company will have to find a way to ensure that you have a strategy in place to either have engineers on ground or come up with effective ways to help the people do it themselves.

One way to do this is to package a training that you will attach to the product in a CD format or any other format that they can easily access and consume.

You and your company should also ensure that you provide training manuals, product information, installation information and all required information in their local language.


You and your company should carefully consider the terms of the warranty on your product because the buyers will expect a specific level of performance and a guarantee that it will be achieved. It’s also important that you know that the level of expectation on guarantees varies from country to country, depending on the country’s level of development, its competitive practice, the activism of consumer groups, local standards of production quality etc.

These warranties are important because customers overseas count on them to be safe.


If you have all these factors checked out, you can rest assured that your product is export ready. 

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